Wednesday, 6 November 2013

day 1 a taster

wow well i made it . This place is incredible , So green so many trees ,anyway down to it i arrived with out any delays  apart from waiting for the rental car ,looks like every 1 was using cicar that day.
I found my accomodation with ease it was at the other end of the town couldnt really miss it,it had huge writting on the side of it.Dropped my stuff of and head straight out with the camera gear  to a little village called los tilos were the water fall can be found and boy what a sight it was

Friday, 25 October 2013

Getting all excited now car hire is done, 3 days car hire with  for an opel corsa for 90 euros.

Also got a great deal through for 3 days at the

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Looks like i will be in luck , 2 comets will be visible when i am there Ison and lovejoy so hoping to get 1 or both.

COMET ISON PHOTO Credit: Michael Jäger, Weißenkirchen, Austria

ALSO comet lovejoy photo credit (Photo: Dan Burbank/NASA)

Thanks to fellow photographer friend Paul for the info.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Isla Bonita the journey

Hi everyone. Well my name is Simon aka (Skippy), I have lived in the Canary Islands now for the last 5 years, where my love for photography grew with Unesco sky reserves and some of the most dramatic landscapes in the world. You can see why I love living here., I will go to nearly any length to get the shot I need or want. So on the 5th of November, yep 3 weeks away, I am heading to the beautiful island of La Palma, one of the seven canary islands, for 4 days of pure photography and hope you will join me on this journey. The Canary Islands are located 100km off the coast of Morocco.

I will be flying from the island i live on Fuerteventura  to Tenerife north then on to Santa Cruz De La Palma.

My plan of attack for this little adventure is to arrive on the morning of the 5th after a 2 hour flight with 1 change over with the local islands airline check out there page it is in English as well.
I will then rent a car from and start my journey  staying on the summit for the first night hoping to get photos of the stars and our galaxy the Milkway.I will update the blog as the days and weeks running up to the 5th happen ie what equipment i will take and the routes i will follow to get the shots.

Ok, it's the 20th of October, and I have just been to the local sports shop to buy myself some Nordic walking poles. Doing this trip to La Palma on an ankle that is broken in four places and riddled with arthritus is going to be tough going, hence the poles.

So what gear am i going to take with me.
 Sony A580 and the Sony A200
 75 to 300mm f4.5 sony telephoto
10 to 20mm f4 sigma uwa
24mm f2.8 minolta
50mm f1.7mm minolta
Cokin Z pro gnd filters grad 2 4 and 8
Vanguard tripod
A 9 stop circular filter
and for the night time long exposures i will use a remote trigger release the GIGA T pro 11
all that gear and a load of spare batteries will be loaded into my Tamarac expedition x6 ruck sack